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Hello there! Welcome to Violet Lane.

This is a place for exciting people (a.k.a. people like YOU!) to find bold styles that reflect who they are: somebody that’s unique, fun, and fearless, and expresses their individuality and confidence through their fashion.

Our designs are current and modern, inspired by trends of the past. The label itself was born out of a love of op-shopping (or thrifting if you aren’t from around here) and finding special pieces with character and charm.

All our pieces are made to be completely versatile. You can dress them up for an elegant, sexy occasion, or turn up the grunge for an effortless, badass look. We want you to feel empowered however you choose to wear Violet Lane.

Our garments are of the highest-quality, ethically produced and manufactured, and we’re passionate about sustainable fashion practices. We aren’t another fast-fashion brand. Our products are made to last, we produce limited runs of stock, we up-cycle to create unique, custom pieces (watch this space!), and we encourage you to participate by re-homing any Violet Lane that you’ve finished with. We’re looking into ways to help facilitate this in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support, it means the world to us.